Thursday, June 29, 2017

Wijedasa Rajapaksha's pro-Sinhalese Buddhist stance !

NGO Kakkas who were instrumental in bringing Yahapalakayas into power are now attacked right and left by Wijedasa Rajapaksha. It all started with an individual called Lakshan Dias said to be an NGO strongman and a lawyer claiming on Derana TV that 194 churches had been attacked by Buddhist Monks. The programme happened to be watched by president Sirisena who in turn inquired about the statement's authenticity from the Cardinal Malcom Ranjit. The latter in turn issued a public statement telling no churches had been attacked.

Any keen political observer in the country would naturally doubt about W. Rajapaksha's new found Sinhalese Buddhist nationalism. He or she would wonder whether Rajapaksha's rage is genuine.  He was known as a typical UNP politician who harbours pro-federalist ideas. Rajapaksha's this stance is most likely to be a ploy to woo the Sinhalese Buddhist votes to his camp when President Siriesena contests the next presidential election. The voter base for Sirisena among Sinhalese Buddhists has now significantly reduced to the point that it would almost be negligible when it comes to a Presidential election. Rajapaksha is rather identified as lenient to Sirisena. The line of thinking seems to be that Rajapaksha would draw a substantial votes from the community in the event of Sirisena deciding to form a government without UNP which is more likely to happen given the way things go now. This might deprive the chances of the candidate from the JO who would otherwise draw the largest chunk of the Sinhalese Buddhist votes. The minority votes plus the Sinhalese Buddhist votes grabbed this way are believed by the Sirisena loyalists would give victory to president Sirirsena. This must also be a part of the plan B being played by Champika Ranawaka as pointed out by C.A. Chandraprem of "The Island".        

Here NGO Kakkas just became a casualty in this political game despite the fact they played a substantial role in bringing Yahapalakayas into power.

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