Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Why does the West want to mess with SL Army?

As has always been the case this piece by Dr. Dayan Jayatilleka titled 'The Geneva resolution: Real reasons and real target', appeared on The Island on 04th Oct, is indeed thought provoking and eye-opening. This should be a must read for every patriotic Sri Lankans, especially for Sinhalese. He highlights a fact that some people do not explicitly declare but really works in their minds. 

According to Dr. Jayatilleka there are some races/nationalities that the West does not historically trust. The cases in points are the Russians, Iranians and Pakistanis. The West have always been at odd with them though in certain cases briefly friendly with some of them to achieve their opportunistic and ulterior motives. However, the West will act with a lethal force against  them when an opportunity comes. What we witness against Russia and Iran at the moment are best examples. Pakistan too will have to pay the price soon. It seems the homework for that eventuality is gathering momentum.  A yet another such race is the Sinhalese. The game plan of the West is to make the Sinhalese weak. The Geneva resolution has many plans aimed at achieving this goal. One of them is to weakening the Sri Lanka army, a nerve Centre in which Sinhalese pride rests in a larger extent.

Though Dr. Jayatilleka doesn't mention in his article,  a careful analysis and study of the past and present events reveal that it is not only the West that considers Sinhalese to be untrustworthy. The Sinhalese, the Sinhalese Buddhists in particular have consistently been a thorn in the flesh for India. The alignment between the the West and India will indeed be a lethal combination against the Sinhalese Buddhists in future.

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