Tuesday, October 4, 2016

The Historical Homeland of Sri Lankan Tamils is Tamil Nadu!

This article by Shenali Waduge is brilliant as has always been with her regular pieces that appear on Lankaweb.  At least some patriotic Sinhalese writers have started to highlight the fact that It was the Northern and Eastern regions of Sri Lanka which was the original places of habitation for the Sinhalese Buddhists as I have been highlighting it in my blog for many years. In other words the Sinhalese Buddhist civilization was born and flourished in that part of the country which culminated with the rise of the great Anuradhapura city.

Some place names in the the North in particular, later Tamilinized, are highlighted in Shenali's article, a must read for every patriotic Sinhalese Buddhist. The bottom line is that the so called "Tamil Homeland ' of the Tamils in Sri Lanka is indeed Tamil Nadu from where the Tamils migrated and settled in the North and East of Sri Lanka. However,a sustained and vigorous propagation of fabricated history of Tamils in Sri Lanka operational for well over a century, duly supported by the Western Colonists, have been able to portray a completely bogus and false history of Tamils in Sri Lanka.

This bogus history is used as a launching pad to claim the so called "Tamil Homeland". The absence of Sinhalese Buddhists for many centuries from the region mainly contributed by the numerous South Indian invasions and persecutions by the Western Colonists paved the way for erasing the evidences of their civilization's presence there. Those evidences, mainly archaeological, have been wiped out with blatant vandalism. In many cases Hindu Kovils have been built on the very sites which used to be Buddhist Temples and other buildings. On the other hand many place names which bore original Sinhalese names have been smartly Tamilinized. Thanks to some enterprising lexicologists the original Sinhalese names have been traced and discovered. Some of these original names get mentioned in the inscriptions found in the places as well as the references in Mahavamsa. Some of these names, of course, have undergone a very little change only and have been Tamilinized in a simple manner. A case in point is Weligamam or Welikamam and Kodigamam of which original Sinhalease names were Weligama and Kodigama respectively. The fact that the Tamilinized words have no meaning at all in Tamil proves that they are just Tamilinized Sinhalese words.                   

The article also includes the list of demands by the Northern Chief Minister Vigneshwaran  which was made public recently in some protest campaigns held in Jaffna.  Some readers will certainly be shocked by reading the list of demands. The Sinhalese Buddhists who elected the present Yahapalana government to power and happen to harbor at least an iota of love for their motherland will find that they have been taken for a good bloody ride. The comments made to the article too are equally interesting and informative.

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Anonymous said...

You are completely and utterly wrong.

The historical homeland of Eelam Tamils is the North-East.


It's true that the place names in Jaffna are mainly Tamilised Hela (proto-Sinhala) names.

But that is more evidence itself that there was no displacement of proto-Sinhala people from Jaffna and that they got Tamilised after Chola invasion. If they did get displaced, the place names would not have survived in a Tamil garb.

ALL Genetic studies show that Eelam Tamils are closer to Sinhalese genetically than they are to Indian Tamils.

Finally, a large proportion of Sinhalese are descended from post 14th century south indian Tamil migrants (Karawa, Salagama, Durawa, Berawa etc).

Fonseka's Karawa caste for example are descended from post 15th century Tamil Karaiyar migrants from Tamil Nadu, it is recorded in the Mukkura Hatana.