Monday, July 25, 2011

NGO vultures and Al-Jazeera!

One of the icons of the Peace- NGO Brigade in Sri Lanka Jehan Perera who is financed by the Dollars, Euros and Krones accused the government in an interview given to Al-Jazeera last Saturday that military presence on the polling day discouraged voters from visiting polling booths in the North. What Jehan Perea and his Western masters' sole intention was to ridicule the present government's effort to re-introduce to a population who was at gun point for 30 long years an elected representative governance system.

Giving armed protection to polling booths and its environs by the police and armed forces is not new thing to this country and many other countries in this part of the world. The election related malpractices and violence which started from mid 1970's compelled the successive governments to deploy members of the security forces on election days. However, the deployment of armed forces on elections days was hardly observed recently in the areas outside the North and East except in the areas likely to create trouble. (At present Government refrains from deploying even armed forces on polling days, instead STF-the elite unit of police deployed outside North and East). But in the backdrop of conducting the first ever election close on the heels of defeat of the most ruthless terrorist organization of which rump hell bent to find a way from abroad to destabilize the country, the government can't take chances. Government can't afford to allow those sinister forces to take the upper hand to mar the election.

Al-Jazeera deliberately showed a policeman constable on sentry outside a polling centre carrying a rifle which is normal thing on election days in any parts of the country. Then Al-Jazeera showed a soldier who was on sentry duty inside a guard room on the road side. It is similar to NGO brigades' and their Western masters' hue and cry some time ago over the barbed wire fences around the IDP camps. Though it is not seen in the West it is common thing in Sri Lanka that the plots of lands of households in villages are fenced with barbed wire. The problem is that the local NGO stooges of the West have never stepped out of Colombo to see these things in villages. Their world is limited to the four walls of air-conditioned rooms in Colombo and the lies spread by the Tamilnet. So it is not surprising about NGO vultures' criticism about government's effort to hold election in the North and East and give the people a chance to enjoy and live under a democratic rule. That's the last thing that they want to happen. That's because NGO Vultures need carcasses to feast!  

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