Thursday, July 21, 2011

Indian TATA Personal Carries donated to Sri Lanka Army by Americans! How funny eh?

Are Americans becoming poor?  Or didn't they find any other better vehicle in their country? Or is it to show Indians how friendly they are with them?  Or Are they conveying a message to Sri Lanka? Or American foreign policy has acquired a new turn?

It is anyway bizarre move on the part of Americans-buying Indian made military hardware and donating to Sri Lanka: a load of contradictions it seems!  

As my friend pointed out there are many bizarre things in the photos. See the logos on the doors: "Partners". What a bizarre partnership it is while arm twisting Sri Lanka on alleged war crimes, Darusman report, C-04 and harboring and giving all the support to the LTTE rump in the USA. In short, how does a 'War Criminal' become a partner?  And also the logo tells us that SL and USA are 'partners' today, tomorrow and yesterday. Is that true? The following quote from the today's Island's editorial speaks volumes about how the US supported Sri Lanka in the past.

"US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has said, in New Delhi, that the US would fully cooperate with India to thwart terror attacks against the latter. This pledge is ironic in that about three decades ago the US just looked the other way when Sri Lanka pleaded for help to protect itself against separatist terrorism which India, a Russian ally at that time, promoted to penalise it for having crossed over to the US camp under pro-American President J. R. Jayewardene's government. Sri Lanka has received little or no military assistance from the US to fight terrorism. Former US Ambassador to Sri Lanka Jeffrey Lunstead told US Foreign Relations Committee on Feb. 24, 2009 that the US military relationship with Sri Lanka was almost nil."

I also quote below some comments made by my friend after seeing this bizarre incident. It sums up what Americans are up to and where are they now.

"Interesting! Is the US so bankrupt but yet wants to yield influence by showing they can still provide military hardware? So with shitty pocket money they are buying TATA trucks (that's all Butenis can offered to buy these days I guess)  for Army to 'counter balance' support from China and with this 4 trucks they'll expect 100 trucks worth favors and influence returned for the next century at least!

But gone are the days when US used to give ship loads of 10 ton 18 cylinder MAC trucks for dime a dozen armies of the world! ah! How sad! By the way the logo says 'partners'. Partners don't accuse your partner 'war-criminal' .unless we are different level of a 'partner'. Unlike Israel..!!!" 


Youngling said...

Just because dick headed politicians of a country are too proud to admit their mistakes, that doesn't mean "the people" have to suffer. Thats like saying because the Sports minister is a RETARD our team should stop playing cricket.
That's what the American donations mean.

True, they are buying support but that doesn't mean they didn't support our war against terror. They supported the WoT but not the HR violations. Who do u think trained most of our Special forces, China/Russia/Cuba/Libya lol?
It's America/British/India/Pakistan in case u are not in the loop of non-propaganda related stuff :)

Your blog really gets down to the key issues and hypocrisies of the international community against our country but at the same time you sound like ITN news.

Country = People not Politicians

PS - Kandyans are known to be racists.

Anonymous said...

Instead of TATAs some hummers would have been nice