Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Resettle all the Sinhala families that have left the Yan Oya...

As was discussed in an earlier post one of the best ways to defeat the mythical Tamil homeland or illusionery Eelam dream is to wipe out the mono ethnic concept of the Eelamists.

However, before embarking on this initiative the first and foremost responsibility of the government should be to resettle thousands of Sinhala IDPs in their original villages who were displaced in the N & E areas due to the mass scale ethnic cleansing programme committed by the LTTE. This article appearing in the Sri Lanka Guardian graphically illustrates Sinhala settlements which existed in N & E before being ethnically cleansed. The article is so informative that the authorities can make use of it for their reference when resettling these Sinhalease.   

The article deals with the Purana (ancient) Sinhala villages in the Northern, Eastern and North Central Provinces which were razed to the ground by the Eelamists. The Sinhala villages of the Yan Oya basin suffered the brunt of the ethnic cleansing programme as these villages were threats to the grand mythical Eelam decing connecting the North and Eastern districts.

For your convenience please find below two extracted paragraphs from the article.

"With regard to the unity and territorial integrity of our country, the Yan Oya river basin is strategically the most important area. The landmass in this river basin links the Northern Province to the Eastern Province. To those who advocate the establishment of the nation of Eelam by the merger of the Northern and Eastern Provinces, it is very important firstly to destabilize this river basin and subsequently to ethnically cleanse this area of any Sinhala presence. The effort surreptitiously made in this direction during many years of conflict is surprisingly not known to many. If the unity and territorial integrity of our motherland is to be preserved for posterity it is this effort that has to be reversed with immediate effect by resettling all the Sinhala families that have left the Yan Oya river basin.

It could be approximated that over five thousand Sinhala families have been internally displaced from the Yan Oya river basin. It has taken place from several Divisional Secretariat Areas that are in the Northern, Eastern and North Central Provinces. While more information is given in this article to justify this estimate, it has focused special attention to the Gomarankadawala area of the Eastern Province and the Padaviya area of the North Central Province that have been extensively affected".

As has always been the case every attempt by the previous governments to resettle the displaced Sinahalese in N & E has been fiercely rejected by the Eelamists. The very first brand of monkeys to jump into the bandwagon in opposing this effort will be Eelam supporting NGO/INGOs and their cronies from the Western world led by Norway. They will start barking from roof tops claiming that this is "Sinhala colonization in predominantly Tamil areas with the objective of altering the demographic composition."

Therefore, in this endeavor too the government should forge ahead with the same iron steeled courage displayed in defeating the terrorism leaving no room for Eelam supporters to undermine the great sacrifices made by our forces to wipe out the mono ethnic Eelam dream of the terrorists 

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