Sunday, March 30, 2014

Tamils are the greatest ass lickers of the Whites while the Sinhalese have been the ass kickers of the Whites! (Re-posting an earlier post)

With a yet another totally hypocritical and biased resolution being passed against Sri Lanka at UNHRC by the US and the West, I'm tempted to re-post one of my previous posts posted back in 2011 as it proves over and over again that "the Whites feel obliged to paying back what they owe to Tamils: the generosity displayed by Tamils by being their ass-lickers for generations".         

"A neutral observer who follows developments in Sri Lanka from the Colonial Times up to the present day would realize that Tamils have been the greatest beneficiaries of the Colonists. Even more than six decades after the independence from the colonists the situation remains the same. Their generosity towards Tamils is such that they are hell bent to carve out a separate state in Sri Lanka exclusively for Tamils. This phenomenon is of course historically connected fact. Though no one makes serious attention to probe why it has been so, the simple reason is that the Whites feel obliged to paying back what they owe to Tamils: the generosity displayed by Tamils by being their ass-lickers for generations. In contrast Sinhalese have historically been the ass kickers of the Whites. So It is quite understandable why Sinhalese have become the prime target of the Whites to the extent of dislodging them from their motherland.

During the span of almost 500 years of colonial times the Colonists were consistently harassed by the Sinhalese, depriving their opportunity to plunder our land with ease. There had been numerous armed uprisings by the Sinhalese throughout the colonial period resulting in mass scale genocidal slaughters against Sinhalese with their religion and property being destroyed and the lands robbed. The harshest among the three colonists against Sinhalese were the British. In contrast Tamils were granted vastly disproportionate superficial benefits at the expense of Sinhalese who were the vast majority and the original inhabitants of Sri Lanka.( I have discussed these vastly disproportionate benefits offered to the Tamils in one of my previous posts and will continue to write more on the subject in future posts too). Due to the very fact that Tamils had been the great ass-lickers of the Whites they took them to most of their colonies. The Dutch and Portuguese started this by bringing down Tamils from South India to Jaffna to cultivate tobacco. The present day Tamils population in Jaffna is the descendents of those tobacco cultivators. British colonists followed suit by taking them to their colonies such as Malaysia, South Africa and Sri Lanka etc.

The present day SL Tamils continue to lick the asses of the Whites while being their own countries making them to do it easier. So it is not difficult to understand the effect: Sri Lanka has become a prime target of a nasty witch hunt for not allowing their ass-lickers to have an exclusive Tamil land in Sri Lanka.  That's why the White asses have gone to the extent of giving ultimatums to Sri Lanka, a sovereign country based on a false video. What an ace ass-lickers of the Whites SL Tamils have become"!    

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