Sunday, September 20, 2009

Why are I/NGO’s accused of being Eelam supporters?

  • Because most of the foreigners and locals employed in I/NGOs support the secessionist agenda of the Tamils. The foreigners take forefront in disseminating bogus misinformation campaigns internationally against the government in particular and Sinhalese in general. The most popular slogans being employed are 'discriminations against Tamils', 'colonization of Sinhalese in the Tamil homeland' and 'genocides' etc. Gross human rights violations perpetrated by the LTTE were ignored while government forces are constantly being accused as "occupying forces".     

  • Because some projects carried out by I/NGOs directly facilitate the Eelam programme. Ex. With the support of the racist Tamil government officials and politicians an excessive number of houses have been built in the North and East in order to give them to the Tamils who are being brought to the island illegally from India. They are being brought claiming that they had fled to Tamil Nadu to escape the fighting. In Trincomalee District alone there are more than 2000 houses which still remain unoccupied. No other community is allowed to move in to the houses claiming that they are yet to be occupied by the tsunami affected Tamils. (Rebel will come up with a detailed post in this regard soon)   

  • Because despite the Sinhalese living in the N/E being the neediest, most excluded, deprived and threatened they are deliberately excluded in a facilitative move to the Eelam Programme. The government's constant appeal for the support for the deprived Sinhalese is grossly disregarded while huge amounts of money are being channeled to strengthen the Eelam programme.      

  • Because most of the explosives and LTTE carders were transported to the South by I/NGO vehicles and by the individuals working in I/NGOs. Even after the war is over I/NGOs vehicles and their staff have been involved in smuggling the LTTE suspects out of the IDP camps in Vavniya.     

  • Because most of the locals working in I/NGOs are supporting the Eelam programme. Ex. Sanjana Hattotuwa, Sunanda Despriya, Sunila Abesekara and thousands of similar type of individuals.       

  • Because a large number of equipments facilitating LTTE's war preparedness have been provided to the LTTE by I/NGOs. Ex. a large number of sophiscated communication items, vehicles and land vehicles etc have been given by I/NGOs.  

  • Because the largest chunk of funds in local NGO's and I/NGOs budgets (Ex. FCE, CPA and Bergoff Foundation etc) is provided by Norway, the most prominent Eelam supportive country in the Western world.

·         Because the locals and foreigners working in I/NGOs act as informants and facilitators to the LTTE as they have access to the media, government institutions and important personalities locally and internationally etc. 

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Anonymous said...

This is true. Many of the I/NGOs are in this category. We need to identify them and resist. However still there are some NGOs which are doing some good work for the people in the country.